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"Metabolic potential of Nitrososphaera-associated clades"


"Fusion/fission protein family identification in Archaea"


"Rapid change in plankton community structure during spring along the eastern Beagle Channel"


"Reevaluation and novel insights into amino sugar and neutral sugar necromass biomarkers in archaea, bacteria, fungi, and plants"


"Stepwise pathway for early evolutionary assembly of dissimilatory sulfite and sulfate reduction"


"In Campylobacter jejuni, a new type of chaperone receives heme from ferrochelatase"

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Scale-Up of Dark Fermentative Biohydrogen Production by Artificial Microbial Co-Cultures. / Ergal, Ipek; Zech, Elisa; Hanišáková, Nikola et al.

in: Journal of Applied Microbiology, Band 2, Nr. 1, 28.02.2022, S. 215-226.

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The Historical Development of Cultivation Techniques for Methanogens and Other Strict Anaerobes and Their Application in Modern Microbiology. / Hanišáková, Nikola; Vítězová, Monika; Rittmann, Simon K-M R.

in: Microorganisms, Band 10, Nr. 2, 412, 10.02.2022.

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Design and engineering of artificial microbial consortia for biohydrogen production. / Ergal, Ipek; Bochmann, Günther; Fuchs, Werner et al.

in: Current Opinion in Biotechnology, Band 73, 02.2022, S. 74-80.

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FtsZ-mediated fission of a cuboid bacterial symbiont. / Weber, Philipp M.; Paredes, Gabriela F.; Viehboeck, Tobias et al.

in: Iscience, Band 25, Nr. 1, 103552, 21.01.2022.

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Comparison of Carbonic Anhydrases for CO2 Sequestration. / Steger, Franziska; Reich, Johanna; Fuchs, Werner et al.

in: International Journal of Molecular Sciences, Band 23, Nr. 2, 957, 16.01.2022.

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Haloarchaea as emerging big players in future polyhydroxyalkanoate bioproduction : Review of trends and perspectives. / Koller, Martin; Rittmann, Simon K.M.R.

in: Current Research in Biotechnology, Band 4, 01.2022, S. 377-391.

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Energy at Origins: Favorable Thermodynamics of Biosynthetic Reactions in the Last Universal Common Ancestor (LUCA). / Wimmer, Jessica L.E.; Xavier, Joana C.; Vieira, Andrey d.N. et al.

in: Frontiers in Microbiology, Band 12, 793664, 13.12.2021.

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Mayrs Magazin - Wissen für alle : Alleine im All? Pfannhauser, Robert (Redakteur*in); Rittmann, Simon Karl-Maria Rasso (Interviewpartner*in). 2021. ORF II.

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Distribution of Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria in the Environment : Cryopreservation Techniques and Their Potential Storage Application. / Kushkevych, Ivan; Kovarova, Aneta; Dordevic, Dani et al.

in: Processes, Band 9, Nr. 10, 1843, 18.10.2021.

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Genomes of Thaumarchaeota from deep sea sediments reveal specific adaptations of three independently evolved lineages. / Kerou, Melina; Ponce-Toledo, Rafael I; Zhao, Rui et al.

in: The ISME Journal: multidisciplinary journal of microbial ecology, Band 15, Nr. 9, 09.2021, S. 2792-2808.

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Linking 16S rRNA Gene Classification to amoA Gene Taxonomy Reveals Environmental Distribution of Ammonia-Oxidizing Archaeal Clades in Peatland Soils. / Wang, Haitao; Bagnoud, Alexandre; Ponce-Toledo, Rafael I et al.

in: mSystems, Band 6, Nr. 4, e0054621, 08.2021.

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A Simple and Straightforward Method for Activity Measurement of Carbonic Anhydrases. / Fuchs, Werner; Steger, Franziska; Reich, Johanna et al.

in: Catalysts, Band 11, Nr. 7, 819, 07.2021.

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DiSCo: a sequence-based type-specific predictor of Dsr-dependent dissimilatory sulphur metabolism in microbial data. / Neukirchen, Sinje; Sousa, Filipa L (Korresp. Autor*in).

in: Microbial genomics, Band 7, Nr. 7, 000603, 07.2021.

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Molecular Physiology of Anaerobic Phototrophic Purple and Green Sulfur Bacteria. / Kushkevych, Ivan; Procházka, Jiří; Gajdács, Márió et al.

in: International Journal of Molecular Sciences, Band 22, Nr. 12, 6398, 15.06.2021.

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SepF is the FtsZ anchor in archaea, with features of an ancestral cell division system. / Pende, Nika; Sogues, Adrià; Megrian, Daniela et al.

in: Nature Communications, Band 12, Nr. 1, 3214, 04.06.2021.

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Anaerobic Sulfur Oxidation Underlies Adaptation of a Chemosynthetic Symbiont to Oxic-Anoxic Interfaces. / Paredes, Gabriela F; Viehboeck, Tobias; Lee, Raymond et al.

in: mSystems, Band 6, Nr. 3, e01186-20, 06.2021.

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Anoxygenic Photosynthesis in Photolithotrophic Sulfur Bacteria and Their Role in Detoxication of Hydrogen Sulfide. / Kushkevych, Ivan (Korresp. Autor*in); Bosáková, Veronika; Vítězová, Monika et al.

in: Antioxidants, Band 10, Nr. 6, 829, 06.2021.

Veröffentlichungen: Beitrag in FachzeitschriftReviewBegutachtung

Microscopic Methods for Identification of Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria from Various Habitats. / Kushkevych, Ivan (Korresp. Autor*in); Hýžová, Blanka; Vítězová, Monika et al.

in: International Journal of Molecular Sciences, Band 22, Nr. 8, 4007, 13.04.2021.

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PBP4 Is Likely Involved in Cell Division of the Longitudinally Dividing Bacterium Candidatus Thiosymbion Oneisti. / Wang, Jinglan; Alvarez, Laura; Bulgheresi, Silvia et al.

in: Antibiotics, Band 10, Nr. 3, 274, 09.03.2021, S. 1-17.

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Hyperthermophilic methanogenic archaea act as high-pressure CH4 cell factories. / Mauerhofer, Lisa-Maria; Zwirtmayr, Sara; Pappenreiter, Patricia et al.

in: Communications Biology, Band 4, Nr. 1, 289, 05.03.2021.

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