Archaea Physiology & Biotechnology Simon K.-M.R. Rittmann

Room: 3.011
Djerassiplatz 1 (UBB)
1030 Vienna, Austria

Our team

Research Focus

1.) Microbial Physiology
with a focus on
- Quantitative comparative physiology of archaea
- Metabolism of methanogens and other anaerobic archaea
- Archaeal utilization and production of gaseous compounds
- Lipidomics of methanogens
- Synthetic Microbiology

 2.) Biotechnology
with a focus on
- Archaea Biotechnology
- Co-culture design and engineering
- Dark fermentative biohydrogen production
- Biological methane production from H2/CO2 and CO
- Anaerobic cultivation techniques and fermentation
- Bioprocess development and industrial microbiology

Funding Sources


Simon Rittmann and his team discovered that microorganisms can produce amino acids, the building blocks of proteins, from CO2.

YouTube Universität Wien 08.05.2024

Simon Rittmann, co-founder of Arkeon, shares how their discovered technologies are unique and may have groundbreaking impacts.

YouTube BBC News 25.11.2022

Simon Rittmann talks about his experience with founding a start-up, Arkeon, while holding a position in academia.

YouTube PhD Career Stories 14.07.2023

Simon Rittmann diskutiert in einem Expertengespräch zum Thema 'Welchen Beitrag kann grüner Wasserstoff zur Energiewende leisten?'

YouTube Kaiserschild-Stiftung 08.06.2022

Group Members

  • Angus Hilts, M.Sc.
  • Walter Hofmann, M.Sc.
  • Andrew King, B.Sc.
  • Hayk Palabikyan, M.Sc.
  • Nika Pende, PhD
  • Barbara Reischl, M.Sc.
  • Nicolás Salas Wallach, B.Sc.

Former group members:

  • Dr. Annalisa Abdel Azim
  • Ipek Ergal, PhD
  • Oliver Gräf
  • Ece Kocabiyik
  • Philipp Kolar
  • Lisa-Maria Mauerhofer, PhD
  • Lara Pomper
  • Christian Pruckner
  • Aquilla Ruddyard
  • Tilman Schmider
  • Benjamin Schupp
  • Michael Stadlbauer
  • Michael Steiner
  • Dr. Ruth-Sophie Taubner
  • Sonja Vukotic
  • Elisa Zech
  • Aaron Zipperle
  • Dr. Jennifer Zwicker