Climate Change and Climate Crisis

This lecture series will investigate climate change and climate crisis through the lenses of a number of disciplines and will discuss concepts and perspectives for the future. All of the national and international speakers are well-known researchers in their respective fields and beyond. Many of them participate in public debates about the probable effects of the current climate crisis and about possible remedies.

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The lecture series is open to all students of the University of Vienna and to the wider public:

290055 VO Climate Change and Climate Crisis. Future perspectives and concepts. (2020W)

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“Biodiversity loss and conservation”

08.10.2020 Franz Essl

Prof at the Division of Conservation Biology, Vegetation Ecology & Landscape Ecology, Uni Vienna and in the Austrian “Biodiversitätsrat” 
*** Recorded lecture "Franz Essl" available here

“Steering markets in the direction of social-ecological transformation”

15.10.2020 Sigrid Stagl

Prof & chair of the dep. Socioeconomics at the WU, Vienna Uni of Economics and Business 
*** Recorded lecture "Sigrid Stagl" available here 

“Climate Change: Legal Challenges”

22.10.2020  Eva Schulev-Steindl
Prof of Public Law and Economic Law and member of the Field of Excellence Climate Change Graz at the Uni Graz
*** Recorded lecture "Eva Schulev-Steindl" available on moodle

“What we can learn for the future from the minimalist movements of the past”

29.10.2020  Annette Kehnel

Prof & Chair of Medieval History at the Uni Mannheim with a focus on Historical Anthropology & Economic History

*** Recorded lecture "Annette Kehnel" available here

“Sustainable mobility concepts for Vienna and rural areas”

05.11.2020  Barbara Laa

Phd candidate at the Inst of Transport Sciences at the Technical Uni Vienna with a focus on land-use & transport modelling

*** Recorded lecture "Barbara Laa" available here

“Transformation Design. Pathways towards a climate neutral future”

12.11.2020 Bernd Sommer

Head of the research division „Climate, Culture & Sustainability" at the Uni Flensburg

*** Recorded lecture "Bernd Sommer" available here

“Climate impact research and regional climate modeling”

19.11.2020 Christoph Matulla

Team leader of the Climate Impact Research Group at the ZAMG (Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie & Geodynamik)

*** Recorded lecture "Christoph Matulla" available here

“How climate change affects extreme weather (and how we know)”

26.11.2020 Friederike Otto

Prof in the Global Climate Science Programme at the Uni Oxford & co-lead of World Weather Attribution. This int. group analyses and communicates the possible influence of climate change on extreme weather events

*** Recorded lecture "Friederike Otto" available here

Warming stripes for Vienna 1775-2019

"IPCC, COP, AR5, Kyoto Protocol, Paris Agreement, UNFCCC - What is behind the abbreviations and how do you make Agreements with 196 countries?"


30.11.2020 Renate Christ

Christ was the director of the IPCC secretariat from 2004-15. In 2007 the IPCC members among them Christ received the nobel peace price together with Al Gore. Before she worked for the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and the EU

*** Recorded lecture "Renate Christ" available here

“The potential of peatland restoration for combatting climate change”

03.12.2020 Stephan Glatzel

Prof at the Dep. of geography and regional research, Uni Vienna and leads the Geoecology working group

*** Recorded lecture "Stephan Glatzel" available here

“Generationenkonflikt oder -solidarität: Intergenerationelle Beziehungen in der Fridays for Future Bewegung”

10.12.2020  Antje Daniel

Dr for international development at the Uni Vienna with a focus on protest research

*** this lecture will not be recorded

"The political dimension of the climate crisis"

17.12.2020 Reinhard Steurer

Associate Professor at the Institute of Forest, Environmental and Natural Resource Policies at BOKU Vienna

*** Recorded lecture "Reinhard Steurer" available here

Happy New Year 2021!

“The (uncertain) role of clouds for regional climate change”

07.01.2021  Aiko Voigt
Prof for global climate dynamic at the Uni Vienna with a focus on clouds & their impacts on the climate system

*** Recorded lecture "Aiko Voigt" available here

"Carbon budgets in climate science and policy"


11.01.2021  Joeri Rogelj

Lecturer in Climante Change and the Environment @ Grantham Insitute @ Imperial College London. Lead author of the upcoming 6th IPCC Assessment Report. Researcher @ International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), Laxenburg.

*** Recorded lecture "Joeri Rogelj" available here

“Downscaling the Doughnut Economics for city & countries”

14.01.2021  Andrew Fanning

Visiting Research Fellow in the Sustainability Research Institute, Uni Leeds plus the Data & Analysis lead of the Doughnut Economics Action Lab

*** Recorded lecture "Andrew Fanning" available here

“Carbon management for Universities & beyond: a new approach to achieve Paris-compliant climate goals”

21.01.2021 Gottfried Kirchengast

Prof & director of the Wegener Center for Climate & Global Change of the Uni Graz & head of the Atmospheric Remote Sensing & Climate System Research Group & project leader of the Institutional Carbon Management Project of the Uni Graz

*** Recorded lecture "Gottfried Kirchengast" available on moodle

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