180184 VO Climate Change and Climate Crisis. Interdisciplinary Perspectives (2019W)

Elisabeth NemethMartin Kusch (Faculty of Philosophy and Education)
Christa Schleper (Faculty of Life Sciences)

Tutorial assistance: Philipp Ackerl

Supported and initiated by:
Institute Vienna Circle (Faculty of Philosophy and Education)
Senatsliste UNI-VIT- unabhängige Initiative für Vielfalt und Transparenz

PLEASE NOTE: New lecture hall and new time:
WEDNESDAY, 20:15-21:45, Auditorium Maximum, University of Vienna, 1010 Wien, Universitätssring 1



2.10. Introduction to lecture & some facts on climate change (E.Nemeth, C.Schleper, Wien)

9.10. Ulrich Brand, Wien: Why do SDGs fail (so far)? - The Imperial
Mode of Living as Major Obstacle for Adequate Climate Politics
--- U.Brand is Prof for International Politics, Dept of Political Science, Univ of Vienna

16.10. Angela Kallhoff, Wien: Climate Justice
--- A.Kallhoff is Prof of Ethics with special emphasis on Applied Ethics, Dept of Philosophy, Univ of Vienna

22.10., 20:15-21:45 Johannes Daniel Dahm, Berlin: Co-Evolution zwischen Anthroposphäre & Biogeosphäre. Anlass zum Aufstand für Lebendigkeit
--- J.D.Dahm is geographer, ecologist, activist, consultant & entrepreneur in the fields of sustainability & development research, ecological economics & ecological creation of values, future of work, plurality & diversity of life.

23.10. Daniela Jacob, Hamburg: The IPCC Report 2018
--- D.Jacob is Climate scientist & Director of the Climate Service Center Germany at Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht, & visiting professor at Leuphana Univ

30.10. Thomas Glade, Wien: Environmental Disaster & Risk Management
--- T.Glade is Prof of Physical Geography at Dept of Geography & Regional Research, Univ of Vienna

6.11. P. Sakdapolrak & M. Borderon, Wien: Climate change & migration. State of knowledge & critical reflections
--- P. Sakdapolrak is Prof of Population Geography & Demography, Dept of Geography & Regional Research, Univ of Vienna. M.Borderon is PostDoc at the same Dept. 

13.11. Michael Wagreich, Wien: The geological Anthropocene & its definition
--- M.Wagreich is Prof at the Dept of Geodynamics & Sedimentology, Univ of Vienna

20.11. Eva Horn, Wien: Climate in the Anthropocene
--- E.Horn is Prof at Dept of German Studies, Univ of Vienna

27.11. Gerhard Herndl, Wien: The ocean & climate change: future
ocean scenarios & feedback to global climate
--- G.Herndl is Prof for Marine Biology at the Dept of Limonology & Bio-Oceanography, Univ of Vienna

4.12. Christa Schleper, Wien: Nitrogen pollution & climate change
--- C.Schleper is Prof & Head of Dept of Economics and Systems Biology, Univ of Vienna

11.12. Helga Kromp-Kolb, Wien: Scientific reticence in climate issues
--- H.Kromp-Kolb is Prof Emerita of Climate Studies at Univ of Natural Resources & Life Sciences, Vienna

8.1. Sigrid Stagl, Wien: Climate Crisis & Economics
--- S.Stagl is Prof of Economics at Dept of Socioeconomics, Ecological Economics at The Business Univ Vienna

15.1. Richard Staley, Cambridge: Climatic eras & the history of debate in the climate sciences & discourse
--- R.Staley is Hans Rausing Lecturer & Reader in History & Philosophy of Science at Dept of History & Philosophy of Science, Univ of Cambridge

22.1. Tarja Knuuttila, Wien: Climate modeling - A philosophy of
science perspective
--- T.Knuuttila is Prof of Philosophy of Science at Dept of Philosophy, Univ of Vienna

29.1. Martin Kusch, Wien: Scientific Expertise in the Age of Post-Truth
--- M.Kusch is Prof of Philosophy of Science & Epistemology at Dept of Philosophy, University of Vienna