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"In Campylobacter jejuni, a new type of chaperone receives heme from ferrochelatase"


"Previously uncharacterized rectangular bacterial structures in the dolphin mouth"


"Meiofauna Meets Microbes—Chemosynthetic Symbioses"


"Lipidomics and Comparative Metabolite Excretion Analysis of Methanogenic Archaea Reveal Organism-Specific Adaptations to Varying Temperatures and...


"Analysis of biomass productivity and physiology of Nitrososphaera viennensis grown in continuous culture"


"Unexpected complexity of the ammonia monooxygenase in archaea"

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Evolution of longitudinal division in multicellular bacteria of the Neisseriaceae family. / Nyongesa, Sammy; Weber, Philipp M; Bernet, Ève et al.

in: Nature Communications, Band 13, Nr. 1, 4853, 22.08.2022.

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Isolation and Characterization of Cell Envelope Fragments Comprising Archaeal S-Layer Proteins. / Pfeifer, Kevin; Ehmoser, Eva-Kathrin; Rittmann, Simon K-M R et al.

in: Nanomaterials, Band 12, Nr. 14, 2502, 21.07.2022.

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A phylogenetic and proteomic reconstruction of eukaryotic chromatin evolution. / Grau-Bové, Xavier; Navarrete, Cristina; Chiva, Cristina et al.

in: Nature Ecology & Evolution, Band 6, Nr. 7, 07.2022, S. 1007-1023.

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Is There a Relationship between Biofilm Forming-Capacity and Antibiotic Resistance in Staphylococcus spp.? In Vitro Results. / Donadu, Matthew Gavino; Ferrari, Marco; Mazzarello, Vittorio et al.

Medical Sciences Forum: Proceedings of The 2nd International Electronic Conference on Antibiotics—Drugs for Superbugs: Antibiotic Discovery, Modes of Action and Mechanisms of Resistance). Band 12 1. Aufl. 2022.

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Differential regulation of degradation and immune pathways underlies adaptation of the ectosymbiotic nematode Laxus oneistus to oxic-anoxic interfaces. / Paredes Rojas, Gabriela Fabiola; Viehboeck, Tobias; Markert, Stephanie et al.

in: Scientific Reports, Band 12, Nr. 1, 9725, 13.06.2022.

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Mission Energiewende: Wieviel Zukunft steckt in grünem Wasserstoff? – "Kaiserschild Lectures". Rittmann, Simon Karl-Maria Rasso (Interviewpartner*in). 2022. youtube : Veranstaltung: Kaiserschild Lectures. Jahresthema 2022: "Grüner Wasserstoff", Alte Kapelle am Campus der Universität Wien, online, Wien, Österreich.

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"Mission Energiewende: Wieviel Zukunft steckt in grünem Wasserstoff?" : Nachbericht zum Expert*innengespräch im Rahmen der Kaiserschild Lectures 2022. Rittmann, Simon Karl-Maria Rasso (Interviewpartner*in). 2022. Veranstaltung: Kaiserschild Lectures. Jahresthema 2022: "Grüner Wasserstoff", Alte Kapelle am Campus der Universität Wien, online, Wien, Österreich.

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No Correlation between Biofilm-Forming Capacity and Antibiotic Resistance in Environmental Staphylococcus spp. In Vitro Results. / Donadu, Matthew Gavino; Ferrari, Marco; Mazzarello, Vittorio et al.

in: Pathogens, Band 11, Nr. 4, 471, 14.04.2022.

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Quantitative Analysis of Core Lipid Production in Methanothermobacter marburgensis at Different Scales. / Baumann, Lydia M F; Taubner, Ruth-Sophie; Oláh, Kinga et al.

in: Bioengineering : open access journal, Band 9, Nr. 4, 169, 10.04.2022.

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Trickle-Bed Bioreactors for Acetogenic H2/CO2 Conversion. / Steger, Franziska; Ergal, Ipek; Daubek, Armin et al.

in: Frontiers in Energy Research, Band 10, 842284, 08.04.2022.

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Journal Club : Archaea-Diversität im menschlichen Darm. / Krappmann, Sven; Sander, Johannes; Berg, Ivan A et al.

in: BioSpektrum, Band 28, Nr. 2, 22.03.2022, S. 172-175.

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The Longitudinal Dividing Bacterium Candidatus Thiosymbion Oneisti Has a Natural Temperature-Sensitive FtsZ Protein with Low GTPase Activity. / Wang, Jinglan; Bulgheresi, Silvia; den Blaauwen, Tanneke.

in: International Journal of Molecular Sciences, Band 23, Nr. 6, 3016, 03.2022.

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Scale-Up of Dark Fermentative Biohydrogen Production by Artificial Microbial Co-Cultures. / Ergal, Ipek; Zech, Elisa; Hanišáková, Nikola et al.

in: Journal of Applied Microbiology, Band 2, Nr. 1, 28.02.2022, S. 215-226.

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The Historical Development of Cultivation Techniques for Methanogens and Other Strict Anaerobes and Their Application in Modern Microbiology. / Hanišáková, Nikola; Vítězová, Monika; Rittmann, Simon K-M R.

in: Microorganisms, Band 10, Nr. 2, 412, 10.02.2022.

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Design and engineering of artificial microbial consortia for biohydrogen production. / Ergal, Ipek; Bochmann, Günther; Fuchs, Werner et al.

in: Current Opinion in Biotechnology, Band 73, 02.2022, S. 74-80.

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FtsZ-mediated fission of a cuboid bacterial symbiont. / Weber, Philipp M.; Paredes, Gabriela F.; Viehboeck, Tobias et al.

in: Iscience, Band 25, Nr. 1, 103552, 21.01.2022.

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Comparison of Carbonic Anhydrases for CO2 Sequestration. / Steger, Franziska; Reich, Johanna; Fuchs, Werner et al.

in: International Journal of Molecular Sciences, Band 23, Nr. 2, 957, 16.01.2022.

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Haloarchaea as emerging big players in future polyhydroxyalkanoate bioproduction : Review of trends and perspectives. / Koller, Martin; Rittmann, Simon K.M.R.

in: Current Research in Biotechnology, Band 4, 01.2022, S. 377-391.

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Energy at Origins: Favorable Thermodynamics of Biosynthetic Reactions in the Last Universal Common Ancestor (LUCA). / Wimmer, Jessica L.E.; Xavier, Joana C.; Vieira, Andrey d.N. et al.

in: Frontiers in Microbiology, Band 12, 793664, 13.12.2021.

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Mayrs Magazin - Wissen für alle : Alleine im All? Pfannhauser, Robert (Redakteur*in); Rittmann, Simon Karl-Maria Rasso (Interviewpartner*in). 2021. ORF II.

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