Former Projects

TACK and Lokiarchaeota Evolution

Duration: 01.08.2016-31.07.2022

Funding agency: ERC Advanced Grant

Human skin-associated Archaea

Duration: 01.02.2018-31.07.2022

Funding agency: Austrian Science Fund (FWF)

Microbial nitrogen transformation during waste degradation

Duration: 01.09.2016-31.03.2021

Funding agency: Austrian Science Fund (FWF)

DK plus: Microbial Nitrogen Cycling - From Single Cells to Ecosystems

Duration: 01.01.2016-28.02.2021

Funding agency: Austrian Science Fund (FWF)

Thaumarchaeota in Marine Sediments

Duration: 01.08.2014-31.07.2019

Funding agency: Austrian Science Fund (FWF)

Archaea as novel tumor homing therapeutics

Duration: 01.10.2017-31.03.2019

Funding agency: Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Vienna

Evolutionary history and ecological adaptations of ammonia oxidizing Thaumarchaeota

Duration: 01.04.2016-31.03.2018

Funding: European Commission Horizon 2020

Ammonia Oxidizing Archaea in Arctic Tundra Soils

Duration: 01.01.2013-31.12.2017

Funding agency: Austrian Science Fund (FWF)

RuMEn MEthanoplasmatales as target for MEthane mitigation

Duration: 01.10.2014-30.09.2017

Funding agency: University of Vienna (uni:docs Fellowship Programme)

Microbial Oceanography of Chemolithoautotrophic Planktonic Communities – MOCA

Duration: 01.09.2010-31.08.2013

Funding Agency: Austrian Science Fund (FWF)

Metagenomik und Metatranskriptomik zur Untersuchung der Darm-Mikrobiota chronisch entzündlicher Darmerkrankungen – InflammoBiota

Duration: 01.05.2009-31.03.2013

Funding agency: Federal Ministry for Science and Research (BMWF) Austria, Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG)

Functional Metagenomics to Study Prokaryotes from Arctic/Sub-Arctic Springs of Hydrothermal Origin

Duration: 01.01.2006 - 30.01.2011

Funding agency: Research Council of Norway

A Silicon cell model for the central carbohydrate metabolism of the archaeon Sulfolobus solfataricus under temperature variation – Sysmo

Duration: 01.11.2007 - 30.09.2010

Funding agency: European Commission Research, The Reasearch Council of Norway

Sponges as nutrient sources and sinks in the marine ecosystem

Duration: 01.10.2007-30.09.2010

Funding agency: Initiative Groups at the University of Vienna