Luca as art

Helena Kauppila, Maria Filipa Baltazar de Lima de Sousa, Sinje Neukirchen

We are excited to announce that the paper "The physiology and habitat of the last universal common ancestor", co-authored by Filipa Sousa and Sinje Neukirchen, served as inspiration for visual artist Helena Kauppila to create an art installation.
Helena Kauppila holds a PhD in mathematics but chose to turn her creativity into a career. She currently works as a visual artist in Berlin. Her exhibition "In der Unendlichkeit - Inside Infinity", featuring the installation based on "LUCA", can be visited from 18.02.2021 until 18.11.2021 at the Finnland-Institut, Berlin.

Department für Funktionelle und Evolutionäre Ökologie
ÖFOS 2012
106002 Biochemie
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