Screening of methanogens ina Simultaneous Bioreactor System (SBRS) with multiple determination under high pressures conditions

Sara Zwirtmayr, Patricia Pappenreiter, Lisa-Maria Mauerhofer, Simon Karl-Maria Rasso Rittmann, Christian Paulik

Pure cultures of hydrogenotrophic and autotrophic methanogens can efficiently produce methane (CH4). Therefore, they reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) with molecular hydrogen (H2) to the required product. In the field of CO2 based biologicalmethaneproduction (CO2-BMP) not many methanogenic strains were yet examined. To perform reproducible CO2-BMP experiments in quadruplicates a simultaneous bioreactor system (SBRS) was developed. The SBRS consist of four structurally identical bioreactors and can be used for screening of microorganisms under closed batch conditions up to 50 barg. Each bioreactor has a total volume of 160 mL and can be filled and emptied independently. The reactors have a common gas inlet and outlet, but separately heating jackets and digital pressure sensors are affixed for online pressure and temperature measurements. For better mixing of the cultures, the whole system is mounted on a lab shaker. Due to the setup of the SBRS different strains can be introduces in the reactors. As a proof of concept, the strain Methanobacterium thermaggreganswas cultivated in the SBRS at 10 and 50 barg to verify the usability of the system. The experiments show good comparability between the results of the individual reactors, and a good repeatability of the experiments. Therefore, we conclude that the SBRS is a suitable high throughput bioreactor system for fast characterization of methanogens and gas converting microorganisms.

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Johannes Kepler Universität Linz
ÖFOS 2012
209005 Fermentation
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