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"In Campylobacter jejuni, a new type of chaperone receives heme from ferrochelatase"


"Previously uncharacterized rectangular bacterial structures in the dolphin mouth"


"Meiofauna Meets Microbes—Chemosynthetic Symbioses"


"Lipidomics and Comparative Metabolite Excretion Analysis of Methanogenic Archaea Reveal Organism-Specific Adaptations to Varying Temperatures and...


"Analysis of biomass productivity and physiology of Nitrososphaera viennensis grown in continuous culture"


"Unexpected complexity of the ammonia monooxygenase in archaea"

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The Phylum Thaumarchaeota. / Stieglmeier, Michaela; Alves, Ricardo Jorge Eloy; Schleper, Christa.

The Prokaryotes: Other Major Lineages of Bacteria and The Archaea. Hrsg. / Eugene Rosenberg; Edward DeLong; Fabiano Thompson; Stephen Lory; Erko Stackebrandt. 4. Aufl. Springer, 2014.

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Size-independent symmetric division in extraordinarily long cells. / Pende, Nika; Leisch, Nikolaus; Gruber-Vodicka, Harald R. et al.

in: Nature Communications, Band 5, 4803, 15.09.2014.

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Type I interferons have opposing effects during the emergence and recovery phases of colitis. / Rauch, Isabella; Hainzl, Eva; Rosebrock, Felix et al.

in: European Journal of Immunology, Band 44, Nr. 9, 01.09.2014, S. 2749-2760.

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Nitrososphaera viennensis gen. nov., sp. nov., an aerobic and mesophilic, ammonia-oxidizing archaeon from soil and a member of the archaeal phylum Thaumarchaeota. / Stieglmeier, Michaela; Klingl, Andreas; Alves, Ricardo Jorge Eloy et al.

in: International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology, Band 64, Nr. 8, 08.2014, S. 2738-2752.

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Die Ö1 Kinderuni: Wer lebt im Vulkan? - Von Urbakterien und anderen Methusalems. Masoner, Anna (Redakteur*in); Schleper, Christa (Interviewpartner*in). 2014.

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CRISPR-mediated targeted mRNA degradation in the archaeon Sulfolobus solfataricus. / Zebec, Ziga; Manica, Andrea; Zhang, J. et al.

in: Nucleic Acids Research, Band 42, Nr. 8, 04.2014, S. 5280-5288.

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Biochar Decelerates Soil Organic Nitrogen Cycling but Stimulates Soil Nitrification in a Temperate Arable Field Trial. / Prommer, Judith; Wanek, Wolfgang; Hofhansl, Florian et al.

in: PLoS ONE, Band 9, Nr. 1, 86388, 30.01.2014, S. 1-16.

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Aerobic nitrous oxide production through N-nitrosating hybrid formation in ammonia-oxidizing archaea. / Stieglmeier, Michaela; Mooshammer, Maria; Kitzler, Barbara et al.

in: The ISME Journal: multidisciplinary journal of microbial ecology, Band 8, Nr. 5, 2014, S. 1135-1146.

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Der Einfluss des Klimawandels auf die Biosphäre und Ökosystemleistungen. / Lexer, Manfred Josef; Rabitsch, Wolfgang; Grabherr, Georg et al.

Ö̈sterreichischer Sachstandsbericht Klimawandel 2014 (AAR14). Band 2 Wien : Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften (ÖAW), 2014. S. 467–556.

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Distinct microbial communities associated with buried soils in the Siberian tundra. / Gittel, Antje; Barta, Jiri; Kohoutová, Iva et al.

in: The ISME Journal: multidisciplinary journal of microbial ecology, Band 8, Nr. 4, 2014, S. 841-853.

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Draft Genome Sequence of the Growth-Promoting Endophyte Paenibacillus sp. P22, Isolated from Populus. / Hanak, Anne-Mette; Nagler, Matthias; Weinmaier, Thomas et al.

in: Genome Announcements, Band 2, Nr. 2, e00276-14, 2014, S. e00276-14.

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Gene expression of lactobacilli in murine forestomach biofilms. / Schwab, Clarissa; Tveit, Alexander; Schleper, Christa et al.

in: Microbial Biotechnology, Band 7, Nr. 4, 2014, S. 347-359.

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Longitudinal study of murine microbiota activity and interactions with the host during acute inflammation and recovery. / Schwab, Clarissa; Berry, David; Rauch, Isabella et al.

in: The ISME Journal: multidisciplinary journal of microbial ecology, Band 8, Nr. 5, 2014, S. 1101-1114.

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Microbial community structure and functioning in marine sediments associated with diffuse hydrothermal venting assessed by integrated meta-omics. / Urich, Tim (Korresp. Autor*in); Lanzen, Anders; Stokke, Runar et al.

in: Environmental Microbiology, Band 16, Nr. 9, 2014, S. 2699-2710.

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Site- and horizon-specific patterns of microbial community structure and enzyme activities in permafrost-affected soils of Greenland. / Gittel, Antje; Barta, Jiri; Kohoutova, Iva et al.

in: Frontiers in Microbiology, Band 5, 541, 2014.

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The legacy of Carl Woese and Wolfram Zillig : from phylogeny to landmark discoveries. / Albers, Sonja-Verena; Forterre, Patrick; Prangishvili, David et al.

in: Nature Reviews. Microbiology, Band 11, Nr. 10, 10.2013, S. 713-719.

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Forschen ohne Maus und Ratte. Über ungewöhnliche Modellorganismen in Biologie und Medizin. Leisch, Nikolaus (Redakteur*in); Bulgheresi, Silvia (Redakteur*in); Urich, Tim (Redakteur*in). 2013. Ö1: Dimensionen - die Welt der Wissenschaft : Österreichischer Rundfunk - ORF.

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Nitrification rates in Arctic soils are associated with functionally distinct populations of ammonia-oxidizing archaea. / Alves, Ricardo Jorge Eloy; Wanek, Wolfgang; Zappe, Anna et al.

in: The ISME Journal: multidisciplinary journal of microbial ecology, Band 7, Nr. 8, 08.2013, S. 1620-1631.

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Metagenomics of Kamchatkan hot spring filaments reveal two new major (hyper)thermophilic lineages related to Thaumarchaeota. / Eme, Laura; Reigstad, Laila J.; Spang, Anja et al.

in: Research in Microbiology, Band 164, Nr. 5, 06.2013, S. 425-438.

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Unzertrennlich : Wiener Ökogenetiker wiesen bei einem Wurm-bewohnenden Bakterium eine außergewöhnliche Art der Zellteilung nach. / Habich, Irene; Bulgheresi, Silvia (Interviewpartner*in); Leisch, Nikolaus (Interviewpartner*in).

in: Laborjournal, 20.03.2013.

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