New publication by Anastasiia Padalko, Govind Nair, and Filipa Sousa in mSystems


"Fusion/fission protein family identification in Archaea"

Congratulations to Anastasiia Padalko, Govind Nair, and Filipa Sousa on their new publication in mSystems:


"Fusion/fission protein family identification in Archaea"


Genome-wide fusion screening has never been performed in Archaea on a broad taxonomic scale. The overlay of multiple computational techniques allows the detection of a fine-grained set of predicted fusion/fission families, instead of rough estimations based on conserved domain annotations only. The exhaustive mapping of fused proteins to bacterial organisms allows us to capture fusion/fission families that are specific to archaeal biology, as well as to identify links between bacterial and archaeal lineages based on cooccurrence of taxonomically restricted proteins and their sequence features.


Original article:

Padalko A, Nair G, Sousa FL. Fusion/fission protein family identification in Archaea. mSystems. 2024 May 3:e0094823. doi: 10.1128/msystems.00948-23. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 38700364.

Anastasiia Padalko

Govind Nair

Filipa Sousa