Workshop EMBL-Austria 7th July


“EMBL and Austria: A Forward Look”

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the EMBL and the 50th anniversary of EMBO, the EMBL Alumni Association and CeMM organize a two-day meeting to celebrate the discipline of molecular biology, with special reference to its roots, and to acknowledge the important role that the EMBL and EMBO have had in shaping the molecular biology community in Austria. 

EMBanniversary AUSTRIA serves as a gathering for this community, starting from the EMBL/EMBO family, including scientists, policy-makers and stakeholders with a link to Austria. The scientific and social event also serves as a local reunion of EMBL alumni and intends to reach out to the entire life sciences community and its supporters, politicians, policy-makers and society.

This workshop is open to all interested parties and aims to maximize the existing links and explore new synergies between EMBL and the Austrian scientific community, to encourage cooperation on joint projects to deliver research relevant to pressing societal challenges. For this event, the special focus is on the theme of Planetary Biology.

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7 July, 14:00-17:45 CEST

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Session 1, chair: Christa Schleper, EMBL Council Delegate, Group Leader, University of Vienna

Speakers include Filipa Sousa, University Vienna Life: "4 billion years changing (with) Eart"

Christa Schleper
Filipa Sousa