Simon Rittmann @ Kaiserschild lectures


Expert discussion „Mission Energiewende: Wieviel Zukunft steckt in grünem Wasserstoff?“


"Green" hydrogen - a beacon of hope for energy transition


Simon Rittmann was invited as expert to the kick-off lecture, exploring the potential of green hydrogen in  fossil energy sources. Together with his research group, Simon's research topics include biological methane production from H2/CO2 and CO, as well as dark fermentative biohydrogen production or industrial microbiology.

This year Kaierschild Lectures focuses on "green hydrogen". Green hydrogen theoretically has great potential in directly replacing fossil energy supply, as it has great energy storage potential and said energy can be released through combution. However, production, storage and transport of green hydrogen are technically challenging and currently subject to high financial cost.


This public lecture was recorded and can be streamed from youtube (see link below).

Youtube: Mission Energiewende: Wieviel Zukunft steckt in grünem Wasserstoff? - "Kaiserschild Lectures"


Kaiserschild Lectures is an annual event series focusing on innovation topics with the aim of creating a dialogue between students, scientists and economists. Interactive discussions allow students to participate in current matters and to inspire future scientists. 


Kaiserschild Lectures are held in cooperation between the University Vienna Postgraduate Center and the nonprofit Kaiserschild foundation.


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