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"Meiofauna Meets Microbes—Chemosynthetic Symbioses"

Congratulations to Jörg Ott, Silvia Bulgheresi, Harald Gruber-Vodicka, Alexander Gruhl, Lena König & Nikolaus Leisch on the publication of their chapter in the Springer book New Horizons in Meiobenthos Research:


Meiofauna Meets Microbes—Chemosynthetic Symbioses


Excerpt: "Nutritional symbioses of meiofauna with chemosynthetic bacteria occur across the globe, from deep-sea vents and seeps to shallow water sediments. The bacteria provide nutrition to their hosts, and the hosts provide both habitat and the efficient bridging of long redox gradients. In this chapter, we summarize our current understanding of these intricate symbioses, identify knowledge gaps and point out future-oriented research directions in this expanding field. ..."

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Original chapter:

Springer, Cham., DOI: 10.1007/978-3-031-21622-0_4

Meiofauna Meets Microbes—Chemosynthetic Symbioses. In: Giere, O., Schratzberger, M. (eds) New Horizons in Meiobenthos Research.

Ott, J., Bulgheresi, S., Gruber-Vodicka, H., Gruhl, A., König, L., Leisch, N. 

Silvia Bulgheresi

Lena König