Let's talk about symbiosis Workshop


Save the date: 30 April 2021, online event!

Please join us for the upcoming workshop: 

Let's talk about symbiosis

30 April 2021, 1 pm - 6 pm
online event

The workshop aims to connect research groups interested in microbial symbiosis to discuss their current and future research.

We will have 6 of our own Master and PhD students presenting their research on various microbial symbioses. Additionally, we are excited to announce a "Philosophy meets Biology" session with guest speaker Gregor Greslehner from the faculty of philosophy.

To register, please use the google form linked below and a zoom link to attend the workshop will be sent to you later this week.


We would also like to invite you to participate in our socialising event in the evening.

We want to use the opportunity to battle imposter syndrome and show that everyone makes mistakes!

To this end, we ask you to provide a story of when you messed up during your research and an alternative, made-up story. We will then all vote on the true stories. You can provide these stories via the google form or just send us an email (please indicate if you would prefer your stories to be kept anonymous).

As an incentive to participate, there will be a prize for best mess-up story as well as a prize for best/most convincing made-up story. It's always good to hear that no-one is perfect and making mistakes is a part of research :)


Registration Form


This year the workshop is hosted by the Department of Functional and Evolutionary Ecology.
Organisers: Salvador Manuel Espada Hinojosa and Franziska Bauchinger 

Financially supported by MAINTAIN.
We're looking forward to inspiring talks.

Please find the schedule here or download below.