"How can we protect biodiversity?"


Christa Schleper discusses the University of Vienna's question of the winter term 2019/20.

Each semester, the University of Vienna asks its scientists a question about a topic that is currently affecting society. In interviews and guest contributions, the researchers provide a variety of perspectives and solutions from their respective fields.

The semester question of the winter term 2019/20 is: "How can we protect biodiversity?"

In the derStandard news artikle "Mikroorganismen: Warum die Kleinsten die größte Rolle im Ökosystem spielen", Christa Schleper discusses why microorganisms are essential for the worlds climate and why microbial biodiversity needs to be protected.

In a Der Standard-interview, Christa Schleper discusses the important role of microorganisms and their impact on climate, agriculture as well as the human body and answers current user questions:


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