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"microONE - Microplastic Particles: A Hazard for Human Health?"

The First Vienna Summit on Microplastics and Health took place on Wed, 28 Sep 2022, providing the unique possibility to exchange thoughts with true international experts in the field, discussing the main topic:

"Microplastic Particles: A Hazard for Human Health?"


A list of distinguished researchers contributed to the meeting, concluding in expert opinion talks.


Speakers inkluded:

Christa Schleper (Vienna, Austria):  "Environmental and human-associated archaea"

Silke Christiansen (Erlangen, Germany): "Micro- and Nanoplastics in complex matrices – a multi-modal, scale bridging approach towards comprehensive analysis"

Georg Gübitz (Vienna, Austria): "Enzymes in plastic degradation "

Melissa Mather (Nottingham, UK): "New Frontiers in disease prediction and stratification"

Sibylle Trawöger (Würzburg, Germany): "Microplastics in the Dialogue between Natural Science and Humanities"

Dick Vethaak (Amsterdam/Delft, Netherlands): "Microplastics and human health research in the Netherlands - initial results and introducing MOMENTUM"


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For more information, please click here: microONE | CBmed GmbH Center for Biomarker Research in Medicine


Christa Schleper