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Congratulations to Erika Wimmer and Isabella Anna Zink for recieving the award for Best Poster at EMBoA6!

EMBO funded international workshop on “Molecular Biology of Archaea: from mechanisms to ecology”

Dissertation Completion Fellowship awarded to Isabella Anna Zink.

Filipa Sousa has received an ERC Starting Grant for her project "Evolution of physiology: the link between Earth and Life", in the context of which...

ISME funding made available to assist young scientists in attending ISME17.


"Chromosome segregation in non-model bacteria - daring a leap in to the cellular anatomy of animal symbionts"

On May 14th 2018, the European Molecular Biology Laboratory elected Christa Schleper as a new member.

Congratulations, Simon!

We cordially invite you to Vienna to the 6th edition of the international conference “Molecular Biology of the Archaea: from mechanisms to ecology”. ...

"The role of zooplankton grazing on iron cycling in the Southern Ocean; A few lessons from the LOHAFEX and EDDY PUMP cruises"

"Unifying the global phylogeny and environmental distribution of ammonia-oxidising archaea based on amoA genes"

"Cultivation and Characterization of an Extremely Thermophilic Ammonia Oxidizing Archaeon"

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