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"Chromosome segregation in non-model bacteria"

Thank you very much for your applications. The position has been filled.

Thank you very much for your applications. The position is filled.

"Ecophysiology and Methane Productivity of Carboxydotrophy-Based Archael Co-Cultures"

"Physiological & Ecological Characterisation of Methanomassiliicoccales"

Join us in this symbiosis workshop where researchers of nine labs present their work and exchange ideas.

“Host-pathogen interactions in C. elegans”

OeAD scholarship holder Andrea Söllinger provides insights into her research

„An interdisciplinary Approach: On the Habitability of Enceladus’ Potential Subsurface Water Reservoir“

Congratulations to Erika Wimmer and Isabella Anna Zink for recieving the award for Best Poster at EMBoA6!

EMBO funded international workshop on “Molecular Biology of Archaea: from mechanisms to ecology”

Dissertation Completion Fellowship awarded to Isabella Anna Zink.

Filipa Sousa has received an ERC Starting Grant for her project "Evolution of physiology: the link between Earth and Life", in the context of which...

ISME funding made available to assist young scientists in attending ISME17.


"Chromosome segregation in non-model bacteria - daring a leap in to the cellular anatomy of animal symbionts"

On May 14th 2018, the European Molecular Biology Laboratory elected Christa Schleper as a new member.

Congratulations, Simon!

We cordially invite you to Vienna to the 6th edition of the international conference “Molecular Biology of the Archaea: from mechanisms to ecology”. ...

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