Welcome to Archaea Biology and Ecogenomics

We belong to the Faculty of Life Sciences of the University of Vienna. On January 1, 2020 we merged with Molecular Systems Biology, Limnology and Bio-Oceanography and Marine Biology to become part of the Department of Functional and Evolutionary Ecology

Archaea arose together with Bacteria as the first organisms on this planet about 3.5 billion years ago. They form a separate domain of life beside Bacteria and Eukaryotes and inhabit virtually all environments on Earth, including the most extreme environments that can sustain life.
Our division studies the Biology of Archaea as well as bacterial symbioses with a focus on ecological, physiological and evolutionary aspects to shed light on the diversity and fundamental distinctions between these two prokaryotic groups.

In particular we are interested in:

- The ecological distribution of archaea from terrestrial, aquatic and hot environments

- The phylogeny of archaea

- The metabolism and genomes of ammonia oxidizing thaumarchaeota

- virus-defense (CRISPR-) systems of hyperthermophilic archaea

- physiology and biotechnological application of methanogenic archaea

- bacterium-nematode symbioses

We thus attempt to improve the understanding of the role of mocroorganisms, in particular of archaea, in global biogeochemical cycles and in early evolution.

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On 3 July 2019 our Division made an excursion to the Wolf Science Center north of Vienna.


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A joint worshop of the DK+ with the Centre of Doctoral Studies of the University of Vienna took place on May 9-10th, 2019.


"Alternative functions of type III-B CRISPR-Cas systems beyond antiviral defense"


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Guest Lectures

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“Ecosystem functioning and biological traits analysis: current trends in marine research”


Tu, 24 October 2017, 12:30 p.m., Lecture Hall 2, UZA I


“Genome Editing with CRISPR/Cas9: Introduction and Applications”


Th, 12 October 2017, 1:15 p.m., Lecture Hall 8, UZA II


“Nitrous oxide emissions from natural northern terrestrial ecosystems”


Th, 5 October 2017, 01:00 p.m., Lecture Hall II, UZA 1

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