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Current Research in Biotechnology (CRBIOT) is releasing a special issue (SI) on Archaea Biotechnology edited by Dr. Simon K.-M.R. Rittmann and Dr. Hyun Sook Lee!

The scope of this special issue on Archaea Biotechnology is to highlight recent advances in this rapidly emerging field of research and development.

Managing Guest Editor: Dr. Simon K.-M.R. Rittmann, University of Vienna

Guest Editor: Dr. Hyun Sook Lee, Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology


Special issue information:

We dedicate a special issue on Archaea Biotechnology in the journal Current Research in Biotechnology to publish recent developments in this rapidly emerging field of research. Research papers and reviews with regard to Archaea Biotechnology will be considered:

​Archaeal pure-, defined co- and multi-cultures

Archaeal cell factories

Whole cell/enzymatic conversion

CO2 capture and utilization

Genetic/metabolic engineering

Gas conversion and gas production

Substrates and their bioconversion

Products (e.g. molecular hydrogen, methane, bioplastics, biomass, lipids, alcohols, value-added products)

Bioprocessing and scale-up including bioprocess development and bioreactor types 

Downstream processing

Systems Biotechnology


For manuscript submission information, please see here:

Archaea Biotechnology - Call for papers - Current Research in Biotechnology - Journal - Elsevier


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